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Ozone therapy

What is ozone therapy?

Healing treatments using ozone gas, which is an active oxygen molecule and taught with a special machine, is called “ozone therapy”.

The most important feature of ozone therapy is that it can be given to the body in different ways, specific to the patient and the disease.

Ozone therapy is an extremely easy and fast method and more economical in patients with lumbar hernia. Other factors that make this treatment method stand out are that it does not require scopy and operating room conditions, has a very low side-effect profile and is easy to apply.

Ozone injection to the area close to the disc causes the swollen disc to shrink mostly in the first time, sometimes in the third time, and thus the symptoms such as pain and numbness in the patient disappear.
Ozone injections into the spinal muscles do not change the herniated disc so quickly, but it rapidly changes the quality of life by greatly reducing pain from the first application. As the muscle stiffness will heal over time as a result of the improvement in the muscles, the effect of abnormal muscle tensions on the spine is eliminated, thus both the pain disappears and the posture disorder is corrected.

Lumbar hernia and Ozone therapy:

The application of ozone-oxygen mixture injection to the muscles around the spine or the painful area where herniated disc occurs is a method we have used frequently recently.

As everyone knows, patients with lumbar hernia experience irritation of nerves and veins and edema in spinal discs due to lumbar spine axis shift and hernia pressure at some point in their lives. This condition shows symptoms such as severe back pain, hip and leg pain, numbness. Recently, Physicians have been using ozone therapy in addition to conventional treatments in this case.

In the treatment of herniated disc, the treatment sessions are determined according to the patients, in general, 6 to 12 sessions of ozone therapy are performed.

Complaints generally begin to subside after the first injection of ozone into the muscles. With subsequent injections, the tissue damage continues to heal and the pain gradually decreases. Since this treatment will provide a real improvement, it also prevents the recurrence of the complaint.
Applying this treatment together with the blood ozonation method facilitates and accelerates recovery. Because with the blood ozonation process, the nervous system is balanced, the stress factor is eliminated, the blood circulation improves in general, so the healing and regeneration process of the tissues returns to normal.

To whom ozone therapy is not applied!

The diseases in which the application of ozone is prohibited are extremely limited.
Favism is a disease characterized by an enzyme deficiency in red blood cells (Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase enzyme deficiency).
In those who use alcohol excessively -Hyperthyroidism; in those whose thyroid gland is overworked
It is not applied to patients with advanced anemia and some blood-related disorders (hemophilia, bleeding and coagulation diseases, etc.).
In chronic and recurrent pancreatic gland inflammations (Pancreatitis)
Some diseases such as newly developed cardiac infarction and cerebral palsy in which bleeding continues actively
For those who are allergic or intolerant to ozone (it is a very rare condition and may occur mostly in intolerance to smell).

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