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Scoliosis can occur for a variety of reasons. Commonly encountered scoliosis are scoliosis, which occur mostly in the age of 10 and are seen in the group whose cause is still unknown (idiopathic), and congenital (congenital) scoliosis that occur due to factors in the mother’s womb and present from birth. The exact cause of the first is unknown. Congenital scoliosis is thought to be caused by infections during pregnancy, diabetes, and some vitamin deficiencies.

It can be congenital (congenital). This condition is usually due to a defect in the spine or fused ribs.
It can occur as a result of paralysis of the muscles due to conditions such as polio (polio), cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy.
It may be idiopathic (cause unknown). It can occur for an unknown reason in a previously smooth spine.
Symptoms of scoliosis

Lateral curvature of the spine
Shoulders and hips are not symmetrical
Presence of a second curve to compensate for the first curve
Back and/or low back pain
Shortness of breath
Progression of one shoulder (right-left)