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Migraine or headache

It is a headache disorder accompanied by various forms of neurological, gastrointestinal and autonomic changes. Neurological examinations and laboratory examinations are usually normal.

Migraine symptoms;

A condition with symptoms such as severe and recurrent headache, visual impairment, sensitivity to smells and lights, tension and pain in the neck, and sometimes nausea.

The pains usually last 4-72 hours and can render the person incapacitated. About 6-9% of men and 17-18% of women experience migraine. About 2% of the world’s population suffers from chronic migraine. Migraine reaches its most severe form in both men and women in their 30s or 40s.

Treatment of migraine disease;

“The main goal in the treatment of migraine is to provide patients with a drug-free, non-surgical, permanent recovery and improve their quality of life”

In the treatment of migraine, it has been tried to treat the pain that is a symptom of migraine for years by using different drugs, but migraine was not a definitive solution because the drugs were not aimed at the cause of the disease.

Since the pain always recurs, a vicious circle of pain-drugs occurs, patients were condemned to use these drugs for life.

As a result of research and follow-up conducted by the German research center on thousands of migraine and tension-type headaches in 2010; It has been proven by the data that there is a very close relationship between migraine (tension type headache) disease and the atlas spine, and that the atlas spine axis shift and the irregularity in the joint cause migraine disease as it puts pressure on the vein and nerve that feeds the brain.

This result has led to surprising results in terms of migraine treatment.

It is certainly remarkable when compared to results achieved with conventional medicine or traditional treatments, the report said. He noted that no other treatment to date has achieved similar results.

The results obtained in the atlas and axis spine correction treatment of the same center have been published in the scientific arena with high success reports such as 83% definitive treatment.

“The main principle in all disease treatment methods is not to treat the symptoms of the disease, but to identify the main cause of the disease and treat it”.

Therefore, in the treatment of migraine, it is important to treat the symptomatic pain by correcting the structure that causes the migraine disease without using drugs instead of suppressing the pain by using different drugs.

In neck atlas spine correction, our clinic supports the restoration of the structure in question and the recovery of migraine patients in a short time with methods such as Chiropractic, Activator, TMS, Acupuncture, Manual therapy applied by the German migraine research center.


Fibromyalgia is in the category of diseases whose cause is unknown. However, research has proven that most causes of fibromyalgia are caused by the neck and other spines. In other words, the mechanical or physiological disorder in the spine causes fibromyalgia disease

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