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Fibromyalgia is in the category of diseases whose cause is unknown. However, research has proven that most causes of fibromyalgia are caused by the neck and other spines. In other words, the mechanical or physiological disorder in the spine causes fibromyalgia disease. Therefore, patients with fibromyalgia should definitely review the condition of the neck and other spines. It is a disease that is more common in people who are generally more sensitive and affected by everything quickly.

Fibromyalgia symptom;

Widespread pain in the whole body (such as pain starting from the neck and spreading to the head, neck and lower back pain, hip pain), burning and whining sensation accompanying the pain, sad mood, exhaustion and sleep disturbance, stiffness in the body and general fatigue, especially after waking up. The disease is more common in middle-aged women. Complaints may increase during the day due to nervousness and stress. Since he has a healthy appearance, he finds it difficult to tell his problems to his relatives and people around him. Sometimes doctors delay treatment by misdiagnosing them.

Fibromyalgia diagnosis;

It is based on history and physical examination findings. The distribution of pain and accompanying symptoms should be evaluated in detail. Joint examination and muscle strength are within normal limits. If widespread pain persists for more than 3 months and there is no other disease to explain the pain, it should be considered first.

It is necessary to look at the neck, back and lumbar spine films of the patients. If necessary, the situation should be evaluated by taking an MRI.

Finding 11 of the nine pairs of tender points defined in the clinical examination as painful is required for a definitive diagnosis. These sensitive points are located in the nape, neck, shoulders, back, chest wall, elbows, hips, waist and knees.

Laboratory tests are usually normal, but are useful to check for underlying problems or to rule out rheumatic diseases that mimic fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia treatment;

In terms of psychology; It manifests itself in the form of not being able to enjoy life due to the constant feeling of pain.

Usually, complaints last longer than 3 months. These pains greatly reduce the quality of life of the person.

A patient-specific approach is very important in the treatment of the disease, and each patient should be handled individually and the treatment program should be tailored to the patient.

Since the disease causes discomfort in more than one region, a special treatment program should be made for each region. We find that most of the patients with fibromyalgia have spinal irregularity. for example, neck spine straightening, spinal axis deviation, neck spine curvature, dorsal spine curvature and axis rotation. Considering this situation, treatment should be done.

In the treatment of fibromyalgia; Chiropractic, Manual Therapy, Frequency Therapy, Acupuncture treatment, Exercise programs are applied.

In addition to these, the patient’s nutrition, defense mechanism should be strengthened and he should train himself on stress management.