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Atlas axis spine syndrome

Before giving information about the upper cervical syndrome, it is necessary to talk about the atlas and axis spines.

Atlas spine is the first of the neck spine, It is called C1, It is a ring-shaped structure at the junction of the head and neck region.

The second neck spine is called C2 or Axis  and is located just below the Atlas.

Atlas and Axis are collectively referred to as the “Upper Cervical Spine”.

Atlas and Axis, as you can see in the pictures, are very close to a part of the central nervous system called the brain stem and is the first gateway to the spinal cord, which is considered a continuation of brain cells.

The brain stem and spinal cord are the only structures that control and coordinate nearly all of your body’s vital functions.

If the atlas and axis spine is damaged due to misuse, accidents and injuries, symptoms occur depending on the severity of the situation. If fractures and spinal cord injuries occur in the atlas and axis spine in accidents or injuries, life-threatening may be encountered, in this case emergency surgery is in question.

Atlas and axis damage caused by misuse or accident for a long time, axis rotation in the spine, incompatibility in joints and damage to connective tissues, Atlas and axis are locked in an abnormal position, and as a result, spinal veins and cerebrospinal fluid circulation create irritation, tension and pressure, causing some problems. causes chronic diseases and symptoms.

The most common symptoms are:

1- Vertigo (Dizziness)

2- Headache

3- Neck pain, facial pain

4- Jaw joint problems

5- Tinnitus

6- Scoliosis

7- Migraine

8- Sleep problems

9- Chronic Depression

10- High Blood Pressure


1963 He was born in KASHGAR, In 1979, he won URUMQI Xin Jiang University Faculty of Medicine and studied modern and traditional medicine for 6 years. He graduated in 1985, earned his specialization in the general surgery department of the training hospital of the same university. He worked as a general surgeon from 1985 to 1991.

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