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Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture treatment is not an adequate treatment alone in the treatment of spinal pain. It is the first treatment method that should be applied after spine and joint rehabilitation. The cure rate of the disease is higher and permanent when applied together with other treatments for spine and related pain.

Acupuncture treatment should be chosen first in people with gastritis ulcer, pregnancy or those who are inconvenient to use pain medication.

Healing factors; acupuncture treatment

1- Establishing the balance of the brain cell pain sensitive region with treatment

2- Increase in endorphins produced by the body itself

3- Improvement of serotonin substance that decreases during pain

4- Reducing some pain-causing substances that cause pain and are synthesized in the body with treatment

5- Reduction of edema caused by pressure

6- Healing of the irritation in the nerves and muscles in a short time

7- Opening of the clogged meridian channel