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LOU’S manual therapy 罗氏正骨法

LOU’S Manual therapy is a treatment method with a 300-year history, discovered by the Chinese Emperor dynasty doctor LOU. It is the “wonderful rose” grown in the old traditional flower garden. It is one of…

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Chiropractic is a treatment method that emerged in the United States in 1895. Chiropractic is a treatment method developed to treat irregularities in the spine, joints and discs, which form the basis of the human…

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Activator therapy

Activator therapy Activator, a new technology product. It is widely used by doctors in the United States, Europe and many countries of the world in the treatment of neck, herniated disc, sciatica and other pain.…

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Ozone therapy

What is ozone therapy? Healing treatments using ozone gas, which is an active oxygen molecule and taught with a special machine, is called “ozone therapy”. The most important feature of ozone therapy is that it…

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Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture treatment is not an adequate treatment alone in the treatment of spinal pain. It is the first treatment method that should be applied after spine and joint rehabilitation. The cure rate of the disease…

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