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Neck Hernia

It is a disorder consisting of the slipping of the jelly-like liquid between the 7 discs that make up the skeletal structure of the neck and the pressure of this sliding piece on the canal and spinal cord in the said region. Neck hernia is a condition that can progress for a long time without showing any symptoms, and therefore early diagnosis can be quite difficult. The reason for this is that the piece that slides between the discs is too little to press on the surrounding spinal cord and nerves. However, progress continues as the spinal structure of the neck deteriorates. The most obvious symptom of neck hernia is the frequent complaints of neck stiffness. Even in cases of carrying heavy loads or sleeping in a bad position, if neck stiffness or severe and sudden pain occurs, it is necessary to consult a doctor without wasting any time. The beginning of the spine, which carries the entire nervous system of the body, is the neck. The first two of the 7 vertebrae (disc) in the neck (atlas spine and axis spine) have a special structure and thus attach to the skull. Nerves pass through the neck region and are distributed throughout the body. For this reason, a compression in the neck region and the inevitable pressure on the nerves can be felt severely in the connected parts of the body. At the beginning of these regions are the brain, ear, eye, neck, shoulder, back, arm and hand. neck hernia symptoms, For the diagnosis of neck hernia, first of all, the patient’s complaints are listened to. Existing complaints should be fully explained to the doctor. Because neck pain can be caused by a hernia or even psychologically due to the fact that it is a sensitive area where many nerves are collected. However, if the pain is in the parts of the body close to the neck and in suspicious places, MRI becomes mandatory. After MRI, it can be clearly seen that the discs do not slip, and the degree of disease is determined and the treatment method is decided.

1963 He was born in KASHGAR, In 1979, he won URUMQI Xin Jiang University Faculty of Medicine and studied modern and traditional medicine for 6 years. He graduated in 1985, earned his specialization in the general surgery department of the training hospital of the same university. He worked as a general surgeon from 1985 to 1991.

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