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Spondylolisthesis occurs when one vertebra slips forward in relation to an adjacent vertebra, usually in the lumbar spine. The symptoms that accompany a spondylolisthesis include pain in the low back, thighs, and/or legs, muscle spasms, weakness, and/or tight hamstring muscles. Some people are symptom free and find the disorder exists when revealed on an x-ray. […]

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Atlas axis spine syndrome

Before giving information about the upper cervical syndrome, it is necessary to talk about the atlas and axis spines. Atlas spine is the first of the neck spine, It is called C1, It is a ring-shaped structure at the junction of the head and neck region. The second neck spine is called C2 or Axis  […]

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Fibromyalgia is in the category of diseases whose cause is unknown. However, research has proven that most causes of fibromyalgia are caused by the neck and other spines. In other words, the mechanical or physiological disorder in the spine causes fibromyalgia disease. Therefore, patients with fibromyalgia should definitely review the condition of the neck and […]

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Migraine or headache

It is a headache disorder accompanied by various forms of neurological, gastrointestinal and autonomic changes. Neurological examinations and laboratory examinations are usually normal. Migraine symptoms; A condition with symptoms such as severe and recurrent headache, visual impairment, sensitivity to smells and lights, tension and pain in the neck, and sometimes nausea. The pains usually last […]

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Herniated Disc

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZm4j6Ls128It is a disease that we encounter frequently in people above the age of 0, but it is now possible to come across it in people who are considered young age group recently. Formation of lumbar hernia; Inactivity, Posture disorders, Accident, Living conditions etc. are the main reasons. The formation of hernia can be a […]

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